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Dawn Dog Fight, Mick Mannock VC by Graeme Lothian (GS) - AviationArtPrints.com

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Dawn Dog Fight, Mick Mannock VC by Graeme Lothian (GS)

Dawn Dog Fight, Mick Mannock VC by Graeme Lothian (GS)

High above the trenches in April 1918, 74 Squadron engage the famed JG 1 led by the renowned ace baron von Richthofen in his distinctive bright red DR 1. Edward Mick mannock flying a SE5.a diving down top engage another Fokker Dr1 as the red baron flies past momentarily catching each others eyes. The new CO of 74 squadron, major Grid Caldwell MC (bar) New Zealands top ace can be seen above entering the dog fight. But it would be Mannock who would go on to great fame. with 61 confirmed victories and to win the VC, DSO (bar) and MC (bar) After 74 squadron he replaced Billy Bishop of CO 85 Squadron on the 3rd July 1918, scoring 46 victories in the Se5.a He was killed by ground fire near Lestram, France on the 26th July 1918. his Victoria Cross being gazetted on the 18th July 1919. The red baron CO of the Richthofens Flying circus didnt survive the month, also killed by ground fire on the 21st April, he was buried by the Allies with full military honours.
Item Code : DHM1296GSDawn Dog Fight, Mick Mannock VC by Graeme Lothian (GS) - This Edition
Limited edition of 50 giclee canvas prints.

Image size 30 inches x 20 inches (76cm x 51cm)Artist : Graeme Lothian
on separate certificate
Now : £250.00

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Other editions of this item : Dawn Dog Fight, Mick Mannock VC by Graeme Lothian.DHM1296
PRINT Signed limited edition of 1150 printsImage size 25 inches x 16 inches (64cm x 41cm)Artist : Graeme Lothian£60 Off!
Supplied with one or more free art prints!
Now : £80.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition of 50 artist proofs. Image size 25 inches x 16 inches (64cm x 41cm)Artist : Graeme Lothian£15 Off!Add any two items on this offer to your basket, and the lower priced item will be half price in the checkout!Now : £130.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition of 50 giclee canvas prints. Image size 36 inches x 24 inches (91cm x 61cm)Artist : Graeme Lothian
on separate certificate
Now : £300.00VIEW EDITION...
POSTCARDPostcard Postcard size 6 inches x 4 inches (15cm x 10cm)noneAdd any two items on this offer to your basket, and the lower priced item will be half price in the checkout!£2.00VIEW EDITION...
Signed limited edition of 1150 prints

Image size 25 inches x 16 inches (64cm x 41cm)Artist : Graeme Lothian
Now : £130.00VIEW EDITION...
**Limited edition of 50 artist proofs. (One print reduced to clear)

Some marks on top of image and border which will not be very noticeable once framed.
Image size 25 inches x 16 inches (64cm x 41cm)Artist : Graeme Lothian£100 Off!Now : £45.00VIEW EDITION...

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 SE5As of B Flight, 56 Sqn led by James McCudden in the aircraft numbered B519, on patrol over the Western Front in 1917.

James McCudden by Ivan Berryman. (AP)
Von Richthofens Fokker DR 1 Triplane (Serial No 425/17) in company with his wingman in a Fokker D.VII over the fields of the Western Front early in April 1918, peeling off to attack a flight of three British fighters.
In For The Kill by Ivan Berryman. (APB)
 Despite having sight in just one eye, Major Edward Mick Mannock was to become one of the most decorated and celebrated aces of World War 1, bringing down an official 61 enemy aircraft in just eighteen months before himself being brought down in flames by enemy ground fire. He was reluctant to add shared kills to his tally, so his actual total of victories is recorded at 73. His decorations include the VC, DSO and 2 Bars, MC and Bar and he is depicted here diving on enemy aircraft in SE5a D278 of 74 Sqn in April, 1918.

Major Edward Mannock by Ivan Berryman. (B)
 Arguably the best brother team of two fighter aces was Manfred and Lothar von Richtofen, with 120 WW I aerial victories between them. Manfred, who became known as The Red Baron, was the top ace of WW I and his reputation is still alive and well today thanks to movies and books. The Richtofen family was minor nobility, and Manfred painted the aircraft he flew in the squadron he commanded bright red - hence the name Red Baron. Manfred was born in Poland in 1892, and was sent to military school at age eleven. When WW I commenced Manfred, commissioned as a lieutenant, initially served in the cavalry. He became enthralled with aircraft while watching planes perform aerial reconnaissance missions. In 1915 he attended flying school, and was first assigned as an observer to a bombing squadron. Inspired by the exploits of the famous ace Oswald Boelcke Manfred put in for pilot training. He passed the pilots test on his third try. He was fortunate to fly with Boelcke in Jasta 2, a unit of promising young pilots. In October of 1916 Manfred witnessed the death of Boelcke when the great ace collided in midair with one of his squadron mates. Richtofen carried Boelckes medals at the funeral, a symbolic portending of his future greatness. Richtofen began flying an Albatros D.1 with red stripes and had good success including the downing of Lanoe Hawker the first British ace of the War. By early 1917 Manfred had sixteen victories and was awarded the Blue Max. At the same time he was given command of his own unit, Jasta 11. As an incredible leader Manfred trained his pilots well in both aerial tactics and strategies. He insisted on formation flying principles and his pilots were not permitted to fly recklessly or attack without assistance. They were taught to look for situations of relative advantage whether in terms of altitude, position of the sun, or relative strength. This scientific approach made Jasta 11 one of the most successful units. It became a squadron of aces, including Ernst Udet, Werner Voss and Lothar Richtofen, Manfreds younger brother. JG 1, a group of four Jastas, was organized in June of 1917 with Manfred as its Commander. With all the planes painted bright colors for identification, this unit became known as Richtofens Flying Circus. This crack unit was moved around the front as needed, and it concentrated on intercepting and destroying enemy aircraft. Very little reconnaissance or escort missions were flown. The unit attained between June 1917 and November 1918 an incredible 644 aerial victories compared to the loss of only 52 of its own aircraft. The Fokker Dr. 1 triplane was deployed with JG 1 in 1917. This diminutive aircraft was too slow to be effective with pilots of ordinary skill, but in the hands of the skilled pilots of JG 1 its advantages of climbing rate and maneuverability were put to great use. Manfred attained his last 20 victories in the triplane. Manfred was downed in April of 1918 behind enemy lines. He received a full military funeral by the British. Lothar would attain 40 victories - equaling Boelckes total and making him the 10th highest scoring German ace of the Great War. Lothar downed Albert Ball (the leading British ace at the time with 44 victories) in May of 1917.
The Brothers Richthofen by Stan Stokes. (GS)

The Aircraft :
SE5The third S.E.5 produced (A4563) became, in effect, the prototype S.E.5a with a 200hp Hispano Suiza power plant and shorter span wings. The S.E.5.a went to No56, No.40 and No.60 squadrons from June 1917, and by the end of the year No's 24, 41, 68 and 84 squadron had taken them on charge. After troubles with the reduction gear of the Hispano Suiza together with a general shortage of these power plants, the direct drive Wolseley Viper became the standard S.E.5a power unit. The S.E.5.a built a fine reputation for strength, performance and general flying quality, which together with the Sopwith Camel was the main reason for the Allies gaining and maintaining air superiority during 1918. Some aircraft were fitted with four 25lb (11kg) Cooper bombs on under fuselage racks. The S.E.5.a also service in the Middle East and several home defence units in 1918. At the end of World War I over 2,000 S.E.5.a aircraft were in service with the RAF. The type had served with 24 British, 2 US and 1 Australian Squadrons. After its 'demob' 50 of these aircraft were supplied to Australia, 12 to Canada with several more to other countries including South Africa, Poland and the United States of America. 50 came onto the British register and were used for developing the art of sky-writing. The S.E.5.a will always remain one of aviation's great warplanes.

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Updates made to Airframes database for : Hampden AD753 :
Hampden Mk.I AD899 of No.44 Sqn RAF added to the airframes database.
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Sergeant Alan Norman Feary : First name updated (now Alan Norman), Birth date updated, Victories updated, Aircraft updated (added Spiteful), Rank updated (now Sergeant)
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Air Vice-Marshal John de Severne : Birth date updated, Date of death updated, Deceased updated, Aircraft updated, Squadrons updated, Squadron service dates updated, Rank updated (now Air Vice-Marshal)
Blenheim Mk.IV L9386 of No.139 Sqn RAF added to the airframes database.
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Anton Benning : Date of death updated, Deceased updated, Squadron service dates updated
325th Bomb Squadron added to the squadrons database.
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Rudolf Busch : Date of death updated
VMFA-531 added to the squadrons database.
Updates made to Airframes database for : Blenheim L9386 :


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