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No Way Back by Ivan Berryman. (PC) - AviationArtPrints.com

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No Way Back by Ivan Berryman. (PC)

No Way Back by Ivan Berryman. (PC)

Despite crippling damage to their Lancaster ED925 (G), the crew of AJ-M continued to press home their attack on the Mohne Dam on the night of 16th/17th May 1943. With both port engines ablaze, Flt Lt J V Hopgood forced his blazing aircraft on, releasing the Upkeep bomb just precious seconds too late to strike the dam, the mine instead bouncing over the wall and onto the power station below with devastating results. ED925 attempted to recover from the maelstrom, but the fuel fire was too intense and the aircraft was tragically lost, just two of her crew managing to escape the impact to spend the rest of the war as PoWs.
Item Code : B0417PCNo Way Back by Ivan Berryman. (PC) - This Edition
POSTCARDCollector's Postcard - Restricted Initial Print Run of 100 cards.

Postcard size 6 inches x 4 inches (15cm x 10cm)none£2.50

Dambusters Postcard Pack.

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Pack price : £18 - Save £2

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No Way Back by Ivan Berryman. (PC)  (View This Item)

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Other editions of this item : No Way Back by Ivan Berryman.B0417
PRINTSigned limited edition to 1150 prints. Size 11.5 inches x 9 inches (30cm x 23cm)Artist : Ivan Berryman£15 Off!Now : £45.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition of 50 artist proofs. Size 12 inches x 9 inches (31cm x 23cm)Artist : Ivan Berryman£20 Off!Add any two items on this offer to your basket, and the lower priced item will be half price in the checkout!Now : £60.00VIEW EDITION...
Limited edition of 10 giclee canvas prints. Size 18 inches x 13 inches (46cm x 33cm)Artist : Ivan Berryman
on separate certificate
£50 Off!Add any two items on this offer to your basket, and the lower priced item will be half price in the checkout!Now : £200.00VIEW EDITION...
Original acrylic painting by Ivan Berryman.

Size 13 inches x 9 inches (33cm x 23cm)Artist : Ivan BerrymanSOLD
Signed limited edition to 1150 prints.

Size 11.5 inches x 9 inches (30cm x 23cm)Artist : Ivan Berryman
Now : £60.00VIEW EDITION...
Extra Details : No Way Back by Ivan Berryman. (PC)
About all editions :

The back of the postcard.

Some other related items available from this site, matching the aircraft, squadron or signatures of this item.

 Oberleutenant Schalls ME 262 of JG7 catches the Australian crewed Lancaster from 5 group dead astern as it lines up for its bombing run on the Hamburg U-Boat pens. Even at this angle the speed of the jet made it difficult to get off more than a few bursts of cannon fire before it passed through the British formation. The episode was witnessed by navigator Cecil Keys in the leading Lancaster QR/Y from 61 squadron on his last raid of the war. Lt. Schall, an ace with 117 kills, and 2nd highest jet ace of the war with 14 victories was killed the following day when his aircraft hit a bomb crater on landing at his base of Parchim.

Jet Attack by David Pentland. (I)
 Anxious to retaliate against German bombing raids on Great Britain, the RAF devised a strategic bombing strategy of its own. Sir Arthur Harris, Chief of the RAFs Bomber Command, stated: The Nazis entered this war with the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone, and nobody was going to bomb them...they sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind. The Avro Lancaster Mk. B.I. heavy bomber, certainly one of the most important aircraft of World War II, played a major role in the British retaliation. The 7,366 Lancasters which were produced completed 156,000 missions, and because of their large payload dropped a total of 608,612 tons of bombs. The Lancaster evolved from the twin engine Manchester medium bomber which was modified to accept four engines. The Lancasters success stemmed partially from its large payload. Specially modified Lancasters were capable of carrying the 22,000 pound Grand Slam bomb. The Lancaster was operated by a crew of seven or eight, had a maximum speed of 286 MPH, and a range of 2,527 miles. The Lancaster was powered by four 1,640 HP Rolls Royce Merlin water cooled in-line engines. Lancasters were heavily armed with either eight or ten 7.7 MM Colt-Browning machine guns, but they proved no match for the Luftwaffes experienced fighter pilots, and the Lancasters were decimated during daytime bombing raids on Germany. The RAF responded by shifting to a policy of night time strategic bombing, and by wars end most major German cities lay in rubble. The Lancaster was simply built, easy to repair, and could absorb heavy damage. The aircraft underwent very little major alteration during its life. Both the wings and fuselage were designed in large independent sections which bolted together, which dramatically enhanced the repair of damaged aircraft. In Night Raiders, Stan Stokes captures an Avro Lancaster during one of the first night raids on Berlin. Illuminated by the full moon above and the incendiary fires below, the destructive terror of this weapon of war is vividly captured by the artist. As the war progressed Germany improved the effectiveness of its night fighter force and it was not uncommon for losses on any mission to be in the 5-10% range. The whirlwind was not without cost to the RAF. Very few RAF Lancaster crews successfully survived their tours of duty, and in 1942-43 the average life expectancy of a Lancaster aircraft was only 6-7 missions. Despite this high price, the RAFs bombing campaign against  Germany clearly hastened the end of the War.
Night Raiders by Stan Stokes.
 A sole Lancaster returns over the snow covered fields of England, escorted home by a fighter. A fitting tribute to the air crews of the Lancaster squadrons of World War Two.

Last One Home by Keith Aspinall. (PC)

Prelude by Geoffrey R Herickx.

See our aviation history timeline for all today's historical aviation events - air victories, aircraft losses and pilot details.

Updates made to Aircrew database for : Donald Lopez : Squadron service dates updated
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Lieutenant Colonel Michael D Cannon :
Updates made to Airframes database for : Hampden AD738 :
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Wing Commander Allan Wright : Birth date updated, Date of death updated, Deceased updated, Aircraft updated, Squadron service dates updated, Rank updated (now Wing Commander)
New victory claim added : Do17 claimed on 15th September 1940 by Pilot Officer A. R. H. Barton of No.253 Sqn RAF
Hampden Mk.I X2899 of No.83 Sqn RAF added to the airframes database.
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Lieutenant Commander Dick Best : Aircraft updated (added Dauntless), Squadrons updated (added VB-6), Squadron service dates updated, Rank updated (now Lieutenant Commander)
Updates made to Airframes database for : Hampden P4409 : Airframe notes updated (added 01-04-1941 : Hampden took off at Lindholme but swung and crashed following the collapse of the undercarriage.)
Updates made to Airframes database for : Blenheim V5826 : Aircrew updated, Airframe notes updated (added 07-04-1941 : Blenheim was badly shout about by Me 109s on its return to base. It was later deemed to be beyond economical repair.)
No.1843 Sqn FAA added to the squadrons database.


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