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The links above will take you to search pages to find items from our databases.  Most searches will be from the Aircrew Search link above.  This allows you to match a number of criteria including name, aircraft, squadron etc to narrow down the selection of aircrew.  For example, if you wanted to look up all the pilots from a squadron, simply select the squadron from the list and click 'Search'.  This will list all of the pilots currently in our database and associated with that squadron.  We hope we have made the pages as intuitive as we can.  Where the word 'details' appears in columns, hover over it to get the information relevant to that column.  The best way to familiarise yourself with the system is to browse through it.

Featured Result - Squadron

Featured Result - Aircraft

At the time of writing, the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters raid has just passed, and we have published a number of articles related to this event.  To assist with these, we also added all the aircraft and crew to our aviation history archive.  The list below shows some of what we have added - clicking the aircraft links will take you to the page for that aircraft, where all details of crew and fate are displayed.

No.617 Squadron Page

Lancaster ED825 AJ-T
Lancaster ED864 AJ-B
Lancaster ED865 AJ-S
Lancaster ED886 AJ-O
Lancaster ED887 AJ-A
Lancaster ED906 AJ-J
Lancaster ED909 AJ-P
Lancaster ED910 AJ-C
Lancaster ED912 AJ-N
Lancaster ED918 AJ-F
Lancaster ED921 AJ-W
Lancaster ED924 AJ-Y
Lancaster ED925 AJ-M
Lancaster ED927 AJ-E
Lancaster ED929 AJ-L
Lancaster ED932 AJ-G
Lancaster ED934 AJ-K
Lancaster ED936 AJ-H
Lancaster ED937 AJ-Z


Each individual aircraft in our archive has its own dedicated page.  On this page we include any squadrons it has flown with, dates of significant events, and perhaps most importantly, details of any crew.  Much of the information comes from individuals who flew the aircraft, or their families.  This was the case for our featured aircraft, B-17 Flying Fortress 42-3283 Yankee Queen.  Editors of our archive can submit photographs directly from their computers to the archive, assigning them to individual aircraft, squadrons or crew.

Flying Fortress 42-3283 'Yankee Queen'


Interested in editing our archive?  Contact us - details at foot of page.

See our aviation history timeline for all today's historical aviation events - air victories, aircraft losses and pilot details.

1st Lieutenant Matt Ruper added to aircrew database :
Flying with the Hell Hawks from June 1944 to the end of the war he completed 106 combat missions including Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge and survived being shot down by ground fire during a low level strafing mission.
Updates made to Aircrew database for : 1st Lieutenant Lavern R Alcorn : Squadrons updated (added 388th Fighter Squadron), Squadron service dates updated
Updates made to Aircrew database for : 1st Lieutenant John H Fetzer Jr :
Updates made to Airframes database for : Hampden AD748 : Airframe notes updated (added 03-04-1941 : Hampden was laying mines off la Rochelle. On return, it crashed into high ground at Hangingstone Hill on Dartmoor.)
Updates made to Airframes database for : Wellington L7859 :
Updates made to Airframes database for : Wellington T2542 : Aircrew updated (added Sergeant R. Brown), Airframe notes updated (added 08-04-1941 : Wellington was shot down near Hamburg, killing all crew.)
452nd Bomb Group added to the squadrons database.
Hampden Mk.I AD899 of No.44 Sqn RAF added to the airframes database.
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Martin Drewes : Date of death updated, Deceased updated
J. N. Fisher added to aircrew database.


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