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Aviation art prints of the Royal Air Force de Haviland Mosquito Bomber, nightfighter and pathfinder. Aviation art prints available by leading aviation artists, Ivan Berryman, Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, Graeme Lothian, Philip West, David Pentland, Gerald Coulson, Keith Woodcock  and many others. from Cranston Fine Arts. 

Used as a night fighter, fighter bomber, bomber and Photo-reconnaissance, with a crew of two, Maximum speed was 425 mph, at 30,300 feet, 380mph at 17,000ft. and a ceiling of 36,000feet, maximum range 3,500 miles. the Mosquito was armed  with four 20mm Hospano cannon in belly and four .303 inch browning machine guns in nose.  Coastal strike aircraft had eight 3-inch Rockets under the wings, and one 57mm shell gun in belly.

The Mossie at it was known made its first flight on 25th November 1940, and the mosquito made its first operational flight for the Royal Air Force as a reconnaissance unit based at Benson.  In early 1942, a modified version  (mark II) operated as a night fighter with 157 and 23 squadron's. In April 1943 the first De Haviland Mosquito saw service in the Far east and in 1944 The Mosquito was used at Coastal Command in its strike wings.  Bomber Commands offensive against Germany saw many Mosquitos, used as photo Reconnaissance aircraft, Fighter Escorts, and Path Finders.  The Mosquito stayed in service with the Royal Air Force until 1955. and a total of 7781 mosquito's were built.

571 Squadron ] 464 Squadron ] 23 Squadron ] 21 Squadron ] 305 Squadron ] 143 Squadron ] 107 Squadron ] 105 Squadron ] 487 Squadron ] 85 Squadron ] 418 Squadron ] 139 Squadron ] Mosquito List ]


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Updates made to Airframes database for : Blenheim V5826 :
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Flight Lieutenant Denis Woolley : First name updated (now Denis), Date of death updated, Deceased updated, Squadron service dates updated
359th Bomb Squadron added to the squadrons database.
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Hermann Schleinhege : Birth date updated, Date of death updated, Deceased updated, Squadron service dates updated
Updates made to Airframes database for : Hampden X2899 : Airframe notes updated (added 06-04-1941 : Hampden was lost without trace after taking off from Scampton to lay mines off Brest.)
New victory claim added : Ju88 claimed on 15th March 1945 by Lieutenant Colonel Archie F Maltbie of 388th Fighter Squadron
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Martin Drewes : Date of death updated, Deceased updated
New victory claim added : Hudson (Wounded by return fire.) claimed on 25th June 1940 by Oberfeldwebel Anton Hackl of JG77
Updates made to Airframes database for : Whitley Z6468 : Airframe notes updated (added 07-04-1941 : Whitley was last heard on w/t in the early morning of the 8th of April.)
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Otto Schultz :


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