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Fortress at Rest by Richard Taylor.- Aviation Art Prints .com
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Fortress at Rest by Richard Taylor.

Fortress at Rest by Richard Taylor.

The bomber crews of the US Eighth Air Force rightfully earned their place in the annals of aviation history through heroism and devotion to duty. Flying their first mission from England on Independence Day, 4th July 1942, using A-20 Havocs borrowed from the RAF, until their final full scale mission of the war on 25th April 1945, the bomber crews of the Eighth had become one of the most highly decorated military organisations of the war with 17 Medal of Honor recipients and 66 Distinguished Unit Citation awards. By the end of the war, the Mighty Eighth was the largest air unit ever assembled, and their heroic efforts had played a major role in the destruction of Hitler's Third Reich. But, with almost 6,000 heavy bombers lost, the cost of victory had come at an enormous price - only one in three airmen had survived the air battle over Europe. Here, a brief moment of reprieve for the bomber crews as deep overnight snow temporarily grounds the Mighty Eighth during the bitter winter of 1944. With the morning sunlight glinting across the snow-covered landscape, a B-17G Flying Fortress of the 398th Bomb Group stands quietly near the perimeter of RAF Nuthampstead, awaiting the thaw that will allow the flying to begin again.
Item Code : DHM6574Fortress at Rest by Richard Taylor. - This Edition
PRINTSigned limited edition of 375 prints.

Paper size 23 inches x 14 inches (58cm x 36cm) Image size 19 inches x 9.5 inches (48cm x 24cm) White Jr, James L
Sharpe, Ken
Stevens, Charles
+ Artist : Richard Taylor

Signature(s) value alone : £30
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Other editions of this item : Fortress at Rest by Richard Taylor. DHM6574
Limited edition of 25 artist proofs. Paper size 23 inches x 14 inches (58cm x 36cm) Image size 19 inches x 9.5 inches (48cm x 24cm) White Jr, James L
Sharpe, Ken
Stevens, Charles
+ Artist : Richard Taylor

Signature(s) value alone : £30
£75 Off!
Supplied with one or more free art prints!
Now : £140.00VIEW EDITION...
General descriptions of types of editions :

Signatures on this item
*The value given for each signature has been calculated by us based on the historical significance and rarity of the signature. Values of many pilot signatures have risen in recent years and will likely continue to rise as they become more and more rare.

First Lieutenant Charles Norm Stevens
*Signature Value : £10

Joining the Army Air Corps in April 1943, Norm Stevens graduated as a Bombardier and was commissioned shortly after. Posted to the 351st Bomb Group, he and his recently formed crew flew a new B-17 from Nebraska to their new base at Polebrook in Northamptonshire, England. Flying with the 509th Bomb Squadron his first combat mission was a raid on Le Bourget airfield outside Paris on 14th June 1944, followed by operations to targets across occupied France and Germany, including Berlin. His final mission was a raid on a Luftwaffe airfield at Kassel on 22nd September 1944 and he completed a total of 34 operations during WW2.

First Lieutenant James L White Jr
*Signature Value : £10

Graduating in April 1944, at 20 years old he was one of the youngest pilots in the Eighth Air Force and joined the 398th Bomb Group at Nuthampstead as a Co-pilot on B-17s. His first mission was in September 1944, followed by numerous raids over Europe, including several to Cologne and Meresburg. However on his 18th mission on Christmas Eve 1944, his B-17 crashed in freezing fog during an operation to support the front units at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. Wounded, and with a broken leg, he was hospitalised and unable to fly again. He returned to the US aboard RMS Queen Elizabeth.

First Lieutenant Ken Sharpe
*Signature Value : £10

After joining the USAAF in March 1943, Ken Sharpe qualified as a pilot and was posted to the Eighth Air Force serving with the 388th Bomb Group from RAF Knettishall in Suffolk, England. Flying B-17s with the 561st Bomb Squadron, he undertook his first mission in January 1945 and went on to complete a total of 18 gruelling daylight operations over occupied Europe. His significant raids included trips to Berlin, the Ruhr Valley and as the war in Europe was coming to an end, his crew picked up 30 French POWs from Linz in Austria and flew them back home to Paris.

See our aviation history timeline for all today's historical aviation events - air victories, aircraft losses and pilot details.

Updates made to Airframes database for : Wellington R1084 : Airframe notes updated (added 10-02-1941 : Wellington was damaged by a night-fighter and crash-landed at Narborough in Norfolk.)
New victory claim added : Fw190 claimed on 25th April 1942 by Stanislaw Brzeski of No.317 Sqn RAF
Updates made to Aircrew database for : Bell : Squadrons updated (added No.58 Sqn RAF), Squadron service dates updated
Updates made to Airframes database for : Flying Fortress 42-30047 : Squadrons updated (added 100th Bomb Group)
Updates made to Airframes database for : Whitley P5013 : Airframe notes updated (added 11-02-1941 : Whitley was unable to comply with diversion order and subsequently was abandoned at Hatfield Military Complex.)
Updates made to Airframes database for : Wellington L7811 : Airframe notes updated (added 11-02-1941 : Wellington was abandoned in the vicinity of Conksbury.)
Whitley Mk.V N1490 of No.78 Sqn RAF added to the airframes database.
Sergeant Hugh Murray added to aircrew database :
Killed aged 25 on 4th July 1943 when his Stirling BK718 WP-M of No.90 Sqn was shot down and crashed near Cologne. He is buried in Overloon War Cemetery. Son of Hugh and Alice Murray; husband of Frances MacMillan Murray.
Updates made to Aircrew database for : G. Targett : Squadrons updated (added No.83 Sqn RAF), Squadron service dates updated
New victory claim added : He111 claimed on 19th August 1942 by Stanislaw Brzeski of No.317 Sqn RAF


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